Professional detailing, cleaning, and maintenance for commercial vehicles.

Polar Bees B2B Services - Your Fleet's Best Ally

Fleet Detailing and Maintenance Services

Tailored Care for Your Commercial Fleet

Polar Bees Auto Detailing offers a complete suite of B2B vehicle care services in Calgary, perfect for industries ranging from grocery and automotive to oil and private transport. Our services include professional car detailing, cargo van pressure washing, semi-truck maintenance, and more. We provide personalized solutions for car resellers, dealerships, and any business in need of top-quality detailing, car wraps, PPF foils, custom graphics, and disinfection services. Let us help maintain the impeccable image and hygiene of your fleet.

  • Versatile Service Range: From detailed cleaning to protective wraps, our services cover every aspect of vehicle care. We’re equipped to handle fleets of all sizes and types.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, we offer specialized services catered to sectors like automotive, groceries, petroleum, and more.
  • Unwavering Quality Commitment: Our B2B clients enjoy the same high standards of quality and attention to detail that all Polar Bees customers expect and trust.
  • Efficient and Reliable: We value your time and business, providing services that minimize downtime and keep your fleet in prime condition.
Tailored Detailing for Every Class of Commercial Fleet

Total Fleet Care - The Polar Bees Advantage

Executive Sedan Fleet Services

Entrust your executive fleet of sedans to Polar Bees for a superior detailing service that mirrors the professionalism of your Calgary-based business.
We ensure every sedan reflects your company’s high standards.

Industrial Truck Fleet Maintenance

Polar Bees specializes in maintaining the robustness of your industrial truck fleet.
Our Calgary crew delivers detailing that stands up to the rigors of your daily operations, keeping your trucks in pristine condition.

Commercial Van Fleet Upkeep

Empower your fleet of commercial vans with Polar Bees’ comprehensive detailing program.

Our services in Calgary are designed to maintain your fleet’s professional appearance and operational integrity.

Fleet Services FAQs - Tailored Care for Your Business Fleet

Are you seeking a reliable fleet maintenance partner in Calgary? Look no further. Polar Bees Auto Detailing specializes in B2B fleet services, offering top-tier detailing, wraps, and maintenance for commercial vehicles.
Our experienced team is dedicated to enhancing and preserving the professional appearance of your fleet.

Premier Fleet Detailing and Maintenance

  • Businesses in Calgary and surrounding areas trust Polar Bees for efficient and detailed fleet care.
    Whether you operate sedans for executive transport or maintain a fleet of cargo vans, our experts deliver services tailored to your unique needs, from regular detailing to custom branding solutions.

Calgary’s Expert in Fleet Appearance and Protection

  • With a focus on quality and durability, Polar Bees Auto Detailing ensures that your commercial vehicles reflect your company’s standards.
    Our protective wraps and films safeguard your investment, while our design team can create custom graphics to turn your fleet into mobile advertisements.

Reserve Your Fleet Service Consultation

Connect with Calgary’s B2B detailing experts today.
Visit our website or contact us directly to discuss a customized maintenance plan for your fleet, designed to keep your operations running smoothly and your vehicles in pristine condition.

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Monthly Car Detailing Offer!

  • Deep Clean: Jumpstart with a $100 deep clean, ensuring a spotless vehicle transformation.
  • Monthly Subscription: Continue with a $69.99/month incl. tax subscription for ongoing care.
  • Regular Detailing: Every month, receive two 30-minute sessions to maintain your car’s shine.
  • Expert Team: Rely on our professionals for top-tier quality and dedicated service.
  • Sign-Up Made Easy: Use our contact form to start your subscription and keep your car pristine.
  • Consistent Excellence: Enjoy a perpetually immaculate car, just like a showroom model.
  • VIP Car Experience: Drive confidently with your vehicle receiving the best treatment.

    • Comprehensive Fleet Management: Enhance your fleet’s aesthetics and longevity with our full range of detailing services.


    • Quick Scheduling and Turnaround: We understand time is money, offering swift service to keep your business moving.


    • Detail-Oriented Fleet Care: Precision and attention to detail guarantee your fleet maintains a professional image.


    • Strong Business Relationships: We value long-term partnerships, ensuring your fleet’s upkeep is in trusted hands.


    • Cost-Effective Fleet Solutions: Get the best value for your business with our competitive rates on comprehensive fleet services.

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    See What Our Customers Have To Say!

    Polar Bees has been an invaluable partner for our automotive dealership. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through in every service they provide.
    For our fleet, their expertise has helped elevate our brand image and maintain the pristine condition of our vehicles. Highly recommended!

    Sophia, Entrepreneur

    As a logistics company, keeping our fleet clean and presentable is essential for our business. Polar Bees has consistently delivered exceptional service, accommodating our busy schedule with their mobile cleaning services. Their team is professional, efficient, and always goes the extra mile to ensure our vehicles look their best. We trust Polar Bees for all our fleet maintenance needs.

    We’ve been using Polar Bees for our commercial vehicle detailing and wrapping needs for a short period of time but they never disappoint. Their team understands the unique requirements of our industry and consistently delivers top-notch results. Whether it’s pressure washing our trucks or applying protective films, Polar Bees is our go-to partner for all things vehicle maintenance. Reliable, professional, and highly recommended!

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