See the difference quality tinting makes, from privacy to protection.

Elevate Your Drive with Polar Bees' Window Tinting

Advanced Window Tinting Solutions

Enhance Privacy & Protect Your Vehicle

Transform your vehicle with Calgary’s leading window tinting service at Polar Bees Auto Detailing.
Our premium window tints not only increase your privacy but also protect the interior from UV damage and reduce glare, making every journey more comfortable.
Trust our experts to recommend and apply the perfect tint level for your needs, using the latest technology and highest quality materials for lasting results.

  • Expert Installation: Our technicians are trained in the latest window tinting techniques, ensuring a bubble-free, perfect finish every time.
  • Custom Solutions: We offer a wide range of tint shades and materials, customized to meet your specific needs and legal requirements.
  • Durability Guaranteed: Our high-quality tints are designed to last, offering you continuous protection and comfort.
  • Unmatched Customer Service: At Polar Bees, satisfaction is our priority. We’re here to guide you through the selection process and provide aftercare advice.
Discover professional window tint services for your vehicle. Enhance privacy, reduce glare, and protect against UV rays with our quality window tint solutions.

Explore Our Window Tint Services

Selective Window Tinting Service

Choose our Selective Window Tinting service for the front or back windows of your vehicle.
Perfect for Calgary drivers who want to balance natural light with privacy.

Four Window Tinting Package

Our Four Window Tinting package provides comprehensive coverage, enhancing the look and comfort of your vehicle with high-quality tints applied by our Calgary experts.
Choose your preferred package with Polar Bees!

Full Vehicle Window Tinting

Opt for full vehicle privacy and protection with our Full Window Tinting service.
Every window is meticulously tinted to perfection, offering uniformity and style for your ride in Calgary.

What are the benefits of window tinting my vehicle?

Window tinting offers more than just aesthetic appeal. In Calgary, it provides UV protection, enhances privacy, reduces glare, and keeps your car cooler.

Is car window tinting legal in Calgary?

  • Yes, car window tinting is legal in Calgary, but there are regulations regarding the tint darkness allowed.
    Visit Polar Bees for compliant and stylish tint options.

How long does window tinting last?

  • With Polar Bees’ professional application using premium materials, your window tint can last for years without fading or peeling, even in Calgary’s variable climate.

Can window tinting protect my car’s interior?

Absolutely, window tinting significantly reduces UV ray penetration, which can fade upholstery and damage the interior over time, ensuring your car’s interior remains pristine.

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  • Deep Clean: Jumpstart with a $100 deep clean, ensuring a spotless vehicle transformation.
  • Monthly Subscription: Continue with a $69.99/month incl. tax subscription for ongoing care.
  • Regular Detailing: Every month, receive two 30-minute sessions to maintain your car’s shine.
  • Expert Team: Rely on our professionals for top-tier quality and dedicated service.
  • Sign-Up Made Easy: Use our contact form to start your subscription and keep your car pristine.
  • Consistent Excellence: Enjoy a perpetually immaculate car, just like a showroom model.
  • VIP Car Experience: Drive confidently with your vehicle receiving the best treatment.

    • ✓  Premier Window Tinting in Calgary: Discover unparalleled protection and style with Calgary’s leading window tint experts at Polar Bees.


    • Swift & Tailored Responses: Your window tinting inquiries are a top priority. Contact Polar Bees for personalized advice and swift service that addresses your specific needs in Calgary.


    • Precision in Every Tint: With a meticulous eye for detail, our tinting professionals in Calgary ensure flawless application every time, enhancing your vehicle’s appearance and functionality.


    • Lasting Connections Through Quality Service: We value the lasting relationships we build with our Calgary clientele, providing exceptional window tint services that reflect our commitment to your satisfaction.


    • Exceptional Tinting at Competitive Prices: At Polar Bees, luxury meets affordability. Enjoy superior window tinting services in Calgary that don’t compromise on quality but are accessible to all.

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    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Polar Bees for a full detailing package on my SUV. I am blown away by the attention to detail and the quality of service I received. My car hasn’t looked this good since I drove it off the lot. The interior is spotless, the exterior is shining, and every nook and cranny is clean. The team at Polar Bees truly goes above and beyond. Highly recommend!

    Sophia, Entrepreneur

    Polar Bees is exceptional! They treated my vintage car with the utmost care and expertise. The gentle hand wash, meticulous waxing, and thorough interior clean-up left my car looking and feeling brand new. Their passion for cars and customer service shines through their work. I won’t trust my car with anyone else after this experience!

    The level of service at Polar Bees is unmatched. They managed to remove stains I thought were permanent and restored the headlights to a sparkle I hadn’t seen in years. The convenience of their service, paired with their competitive pricing, makes them a top choice for car detailing. I’m thoroughly impressed and will be a returning customer for sure.

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